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Become Our Partner

We've partnered with a number of environmentally-minded organisations. If you are interested in partnering with us, check out the ways we can collaborate here and book a time to chat with us!

Are you part of an eco-friendly, sustainability focused organisation?

Partner with The Climate App!

We are looking for new organisations to work with!

Here are some of the sectors in which we are looking for partners:

  • Home

    • Alternatives appliances

    • Utilities that focus on green energy

    • Sustainable clothing

  • Travel

    • Carbon offsetting​

    • Alternatives to flying

  • Finance

    • Eco-friendly businesses​

    • Sustainable banking

  • Food

    • Local farms and producers​

  • Activism

    • Community organisations​

    • Ways to contact representatives

Here are some possible ways in which your organisation can partner with us:

Be part of a new or existing challenge.

If you see a challenge currently on our app that connects to your organisation or have an idea for a brand new challenge, we can work together to add it to the app. 

Send us your affiliate link

Sharing your affiliate link will support The Climate App while giving your organisation some great publicity. Check out the affiliate link form here

Post on Social Media

Partnering with The Climate App can be as easy as sharing posts about us on social media during key times. We can return the favour!

Schedule a meeting to become our newest partner!

Check out some of our current partners
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