Meet The Team - Sergio, App Developer at The Climate App

Sergio joined The Climate App in November of 2019. He hopes to contribute to a project that can make positive changes for our planet using technology available to everyone

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1. What is your name?

Zhonghao (Sergio) Lin.

2. Tell us about yourself

I’m a Computer Science master student and I am trying to find a job in UK to make a career as Software Engineer or Video game developer.

3. Why are you working on/with The Climate App?

I have realized that the current situation will get worse if we do not act. Although many of the problems come from multinationals, as many are beyond our reach, I believe that as an ordinary citizen my best contribution would be to make this project possible in the form of an application for the average user.

4. What is your role at The Climate App?

I am involved in the development of the application for android devices.

5. What are your main goals in your role at TCA?

Make a user-friendly application with TCA team to encourage people to act.

6. What motivates you to make changes every day?

See the consequences of doing something right.

7. What has been the most challenging change you have made or are trying to make?

I am trying to make my flat mates and family aware of the importance of recycling and how easy it is. However, sometimes it is difficult to change non-conscientious people who have lived their whole lives in this way.

8. The Climate App’s mission is to “Make Change Easy”, what are your top tips on making change easy?

Probably doing small actions at your fingertips every day makes a change in the long term. But these actions need to be carried out conscientiously and are not the result of chance.

9. Any other thoughts or comments you’d like to add or share here?

I have learned in many ways during this time with the team and I hope it becomes something real for users In the future.

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