Meet The Team - Suzy, Graphic Designer at The Climate App

Suzy has been a member of The Climate App team since its inception and is an integral part of bringing The Climate App vision to life. Susy manages to juggle volunteering with us, Cambridge XR and working hard with her design studio for a variety of clients.

Suzy is excited to see The Climate App go live and is working hard behind the scenes to help make that happen. She is a strong believer that small changes all add up to make a big difference for the climate and can’t wait to see the app make this easy for everyone.

Read Suzy’s story here:

1. What is your name?

Susy May-Snow

2. Tell us about yourself

I’m a freelance and graphic designer and have been co-running a collaborative design studio called Snowtap since 2015. My business partner calls me The Pun Queen as I come up with much of our illustrations featuring whimsical animal puns like ‘Saturday Night Beaver’ and ‘Atilla the Honey Badger’. Outside of work, I’m an avid board game enthusiast, a massive foodie (99% vegan) and I love to escape into a good book or film, particularly if it’s got anything to do with dinosaurs. 

3. Why are you working on/with The Climate App?

I signed up to be a part of Cambridge XR, and after finding most of their protests take place on Saturdays (We run a Snowtap market stall at weekends), I was left wondering what else I could do to make a difference, so when Sam posted about needing creatives to help it seemed like the perfect way to volunteer my time, as well as my skill set, and to feel like I’m contributing to make a positive change for the environment. 

4. What is your role at The Climate App?

My role as designer is to create exciting and engaging graphics, visuals, branding, icons, buttons and anything else the team may need. 

5. What are your main goals in your role at TCA?

To be a part of creating a successful app that helps others make small changes to their habits and big differences to the planet. 

6. What motivates you to make changes every day?

I think this stems from my love of wildlife and the natural world. I’ve changed a lot of my behaviour and habits over the last 5 years in order to feel like I’ve done the best I can and can make as low an impact on the planet as possible. All of the lifestyle decisions I’ve made have been with the environment as my main focus and priority - but it’s also great when these adjustments have a positive effect elsewhere, like a vegan diet has no animal cruelty or wearing second hand clothes and knowing you’ve given something an extra lease of life. 

7. What has been the most challenging change you have made or are trying to make?

I don’t personally feel like any of the changes I’ve made have been particularly challenging, even changing my diet, I’ve always loved shopping in charity shops so deciding that where possible I’ll always buy second hand wasn’t a big jump either.. but I know that the most difficult change I would like to make is how to travel without flying. I hope that over the next few years, and possibly following on from the current Covid-19 pandemic, we’ll all have to re-think global travel and find better, more sustainable ways of getting from A to B.

8. The Climate App’s mission is to “Make Change Easy”, what are your top tips on making change easy?

Just to try it! It’s so easy to overthink things and worry about it, but until you try and swap milk for a plant based one, or book a non flying holiday, you won’t know, and like I said before, once you make the change you might find out just how easy it is after all!