Meet The Team - Astrid, Content & Community Team at The Climate App

Astrid joined the team in Spring 2020 and since joining she has inspired other team members with home grown veg and top recycling tips. A passionate activist for XR in London, Astrid is fighting hard for the planet and wants you to do the same.

Read Astrid’s story here:

1. What is your name?

Astrid Dorfman Dyrli.

2. Tell us about yourself

I am a recent graduate who is passionate about the environment, equal rights and reading. 

3. Why are you working on/with The Climate App?

I think a lot of people think that making changes to reducing your carbon footprint is an ‘all or nothing’ scenario, in which if you can’t do everything (say, go vegan straight away), you might as well do nothing at all. Looking at it this way, reducing your carbon footprint can seem really daunting. I wish to be a part of challenging this narrative through The Climate App by showing how taking simple steps towards reducing your carbon footprint can be fun and simple, and by no means something that has to be done in a day! 

4. What is your role at The Climate App?

I am a Community Builder.

5. What are your main goals in your role at TCA?

I want this app to be something fun and accessible that everyone will want to use! (Looking at you, family and friends)

6. What motivates you to make changes every day?

I find this question difficult to answer without going all ‘doomsday’. Climate change is already happening and it will get significantly worse in the coming years - why wouldn’t you do everything in your power to stop it?

7. What has been the most challenging change you have made or are trying to make?

The most challenging aspect for me will definitely be to fly less, since I live abroad. 

8. The Climate App’s mission is to “Make Change Easy”, what are your top tips on making change easy?

  1. Switch banks - it is super easy and hassle free. Banks are often huge investors of fossil fuels. Check how your bank scores here. It can be done with the click of a button, everything will be transferred, no hassle to you whatsoever (sometimes they even give you free money to switch).

  2. Make use of the apps which already exist, such as Vinted for clothing or Giki for checking how sustainable your grocery shopping is. 

  3. Buy silicone lids (EcoLids) so you never have to use clingfilm again! 

  4. Do you have any idea how good fake meat is nowadays? Seriously, go try a Beyond Burger. It’ll knock your socks off. 

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