Meet the Team - Samuel Naef, Founder & CEO at The Climate App

Sam Naef is Founder & CEO of The Climate App. He started working on The Climate App in 2019 after feeling that, although there is a lot of goodwill, there is not enough concrete action.

Samuel could see friends were making positive changes but there wasn’t a way for them to be recorded or for others to see what they were doing. After hearing that the most effective path for behaviour change is that of positive peer pressure, he decided to create 'The Climate App' - an app to track people’s actions and progress in reducing their carbon footprint.

Read on to find out more!

1. What is your name?

Samuel Naef.

2. Tell us about yourself

I'm a serial entrepreneur, space-nerd, physics-nerd, traveller, sky-diver, teacher and part-time improv comedian.

3. What is your role at The Climate App?

Founder / CEO

4. Why are you working on The Climate App?

I got fed up with a lot of ‘all talk and no action’ there is over dealing with the climate crisis. I thought that there should be an easy way to turn positive vibes into actions - particularly those with the most significant impact. I also realised that many friends were doing incredible things, but I often didn't see who was doing what, which missed the power of positive peer-pressure - which has been shown to be the main way that people change their behaviour.

5. What are your main goals in your role at The Climate App?

To bring talented and thoughtful people onto the team, and ensure that everything is streamlined so that everyone can work in their best way, and bring to the project what they see fit.

6. What motivates you to make changes every day?

It just needs to be done, and I don’t want to look back at my life while on my deathbed and think that I didn’t do all that I could.

7. What has been the most challenging change you have made or are trying to make?

Cutting out red meat and most meats wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. Reducing the number of flights will be very difficult for me - I’ll need the app to help me with this!

8. The Climate App’s mission is to “Make Change Easy”, what are your top tips on making change easy?

Do things in smaller steps. Break down a big problem into manageable and realistic steps. Having a friend to do it with you is vital as well - particularly ‘challenges’ such as ‘VeganMay’!

9. Any other thoughts or comments you’d like to add or share here?

I’m very privileged to be working with so many great minds. I’m so excited by what we can achieve together - we’ve already made great progress in a short time, and I look forward to the next steps!

‘The Climate App’ will make change easy. You will be able to use the app to record your individual changes such as going vegan or switching to a green energy supplier. Tracking your changes will not only keep you on track but can also inspire your family and friends!

Our aim is that as the app grows, together we can track changes globally in our advances towards reducing carbon emissions. Help us to tell our governments that you are willing to personally be a part of the change and demand that of our politicians too.

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