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The Climate App - where we are so far!

Working together around the world to make change happen

We are working together on The Climate App, an app that helps you, your family and your friends to track your carbon-saving-actions on a daily basis. The Climate App will show you the total impact of your actions, help you to see the bigger picture and help you along the way to saving the climate.

The whole team at The Climate App work together remotely. We are mostly based in the UK, around Europe and now have some team members in the States and Asia. We are lucky to be able to continue our work even now in the current global circumstances because we have always collaborated remotely since we started.

Sam, Founder of The Climate App, is often creating plans, delegating work and hosting our virtual meetings. He hopes to make it as easy as possible for the skills and knowledge of the team members to flourish! Sam is constantly on-call for the project, communicating and liaising between the team. He says he is usually thinking about the app all through his spare time!

We work together using digital tools such as Slack, Trello and Google folders. Our team meetings take place on Google hangouts every couple of weeks. Our developer team and community team each have their own regular update calls on alternate weeks too, and we are in constant communication with the help of online tools so progress keeps on moving despite our different time-zones.

We are now very close to finishing our alpha version of the app! We are aiming to launch our first version for users to start trialling the app this Spring. So watch this space.

What will the alpha app allow you to do?

At the moment we are working on getting the first few features of the app live, for example being able to create a pledge, enter your name, see your progress displayed on a graph, and create posts in your own The Climate App feed. You will be able to use the app to track your progress over time focusing on one goal.

Right now, our first focus when the app launches will be to help anyone who wants to reduce their meat intake, as this is a crucial pledge that will significantly reduce the amount of CO2 created relative to other actions. Once we've learned how members use this pledge, then we can start thinking about adding additional ones. You'll be able to see your progress against a pre-determined goal and see the data presented in various ways.

What will come next in The Climate App?

Future features in the app will include being able to follow your friends and family, seeing activity from global users, making pledges on top of diet changes and having access to an analysis of your goals. We plan to add additional new pledges incrementally based on user feedback to make sure our app is as useful as possible based on what helps you the most.

We’ll start making it a real success when it becomes fun, quick and easy to use - with hints and tricks in order to make a difference. Gamification will help with this, along with enlightening scientific research.

We are currently speaking with The Climate App community members to understand more about the needs of potential users of the app. We plan to have regular ongoing product research and run focus groups for user feedback to make sure our app can help users in the best ways possible.

Pledge your support! Together we can help turn words into actions

We really want to launch a crowdfunding campaign in a couple of months. But we can only launch if we have a minimum of 250 people who pledge that they will support the campaign. You can help us by pledging to support our crowdfunding campaign here.

People's behaviour changes the most when they see their friends and their network doing positive actions. Positive peer pressure is a big influence in driving people's change.

You can also help make a difference by sharing our mission on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Thank you!


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