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VeganMay - Sam's Journey

Going Vegan

I’m doing this for the planet (it's the 3rd top action we can take!), because it’s healthy, to not harm animals and because my cousin dared me to Veganuary (vegan in January) at Christmas.. which I delayed to May... and I just can’t let him get the better of me now can I? Bring on VeganMay!

Day 1

I often work shifts - babysitting a laser satellite for Airbus. So I often rely on takeaway meals. This will be difficult. Also wheat seems to make me very tired, so no normal bread/pasta/pizza as well as no fish/meat/eggs/cow-milk!

I research online searching on Google and find a couple of useful sites. I’m a big fan of fish to give me enough protein. That’s going to be the biggest challenge for me, getting enough protein. According to this site,, I should eat lots of beans, lentils, legumes, tofu, soy, quinoa, whole grains, nuts, seeds, nut butter, veggie burgers, meat substitutes.

I also live in Germany, and my German is about as good as my Klingon (0). So finding translations is going to be interesting.

It also suggests Tempeh. what the hell is tempeh? Apparently it’s fermented soybeans.

Time to order my first takeaway.

Day 1 Takeaway order:

• 1 Fried tofu with Thai curry coconut milk (spicy)

• 1 Fried tofu with soybean sprouts, peanuts and Thai basil

I’ve bought two in case I am still hungry after the first. Also, I’ll likely be working until midnight tonight.

Update: 1 was enough - and ridiculously tasty!

Side note: To top up my protein I felt it was needed to have vegan protein powder. To see more on how I chose the right one, see the Extras at the bottom

Day 2 - FAIL!

Lunch = veg, pasta + nuts. Evening takeaway food - FAIL! Just before, the restaurants closed, I had to order a vegetarian burger. There was mayo in.. oops!

Day 3

I have great housemates. They gave me a vegan starter-kit!

• Coconut milk, • Soja milk • Coconut yogurt • Oat milk • Soja cream .. and an interesting paprika/chilli spread for bread!

Day 4

My friends had pizza today.

#nowheatandcheesemakessamadullboy But actually my vegan sausages was fine enough! #noanimalsharmedinthemakingofthissausage

Day 5-25

All was relatively easy to do. A key plus of doing this was that I had to go to a nice 'natural' food shop in which had much better quality, and conscience, of food (eg tofu and oat milk). As a result I got superior breakfast cereal and have since had way more energy than the rubbish cornflakes that I got from Lidl before! I often combine oat flakes, spelt flakes, quinoa puffs, walnuts, dried cranberries, and coconut/almond milk! #nottooshabby Here's some of my food porn:

• The white-sauce-puke-looking-one is trying to figure out how to use 'Seitan Tofu' (Satan tofu?).... a kind of liquid version of tofu for sauces... I won't be accidentally buying that again. • The 6 plates is vegan melted chocolate on strawberries


I’m an active guy who usually goes to the gym and runs a few times per week. I’m still on the slim side of things, but ensuring the body has enough protein to make/repaire cells etc is surely a healthy idea if one can.

I’ve learned that pea protein is the king. It contains the 9 essential amino acids that our body needs (there are 21 amino acids in total - our body can create all of them apart from the 9 ‘essential’ amino acids).

It also seems that rice and hemp aren’t actually that good of a source of protein for us, as they are grown standing in water, which means they are likely to possess a high level of toxins and metals such as arsenic.

I choose to buy nu3 Protein Powder due to it having 80% pea protein and a higher percentage of amino acids when compared to other vegan protein shakes.


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