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We've launched our Crowdfunding Campaign!

After absolutely smashing our crowdfunding goal, we at The Climate App are proud to announce that we will be starting our crowdfunding campaign today which you can find here.

We will be looking for contributions to help build and release the amazing (free) app our team has created, which will help users track their climate impact and take steps to reduce it, while encouraging others to do the same. Along with contributing to our campaign, you can also select 'perks', like planting trees and saving bees!

The app puts consumer power at the forefront, encouraging individuals to change through positive peer-pressure, the number one reason that people alter their behaviour. We believe that this is what is missing from the current movement, and we hope that The Climate App will inspire others to make tangible changes in their lives to help better the environment.

While the donations are vital, sharing our crowdfunding page will be a huge boost in terms of audience engagement, so we humbly ask that if you can’t donate, please share our page to help us achieve our goal.


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