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Resources for Policymakers

Taking action to fight climate change is important in every level of government. As a policymaker, you can help shape how society mitigates and adapts to the risks posed by climate change. Here are some resources to help you get started.

Are you a policymaker who wants to make a difference in the fight against climate change?

Check out these resources!

The Climate App team has compiled this list of resources to help you learn more about climate change and communicate with your colleagues and constituents about the need for action.

Check out the most recent IPCC reports.

Click here for the Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability report and click here for the Mitigation of Climate Change report. Both have summaries specifically for policymakers. 

Compare how your country is doing in progress made to meet the 1.5C pathway.

Use the Climate Action Tracker and Climate Watch to see how your country is doing compared with the rest of the world in terms of overall action and National Determined Contributions (NDCs) specifically. Enhance your country’s (NDCs) by evaluating the GHG impacts of specific policies (GHG Protocol Policy and Action Standard), increasing nature-based solutions, and strengthening national climate plans.

Use online tools to understand and communicate about climate change.

Climate change can be hard to visualise which can make it difficult to communicate the importance of action. These three tools are great for this purpose: Climate Reanalyzer, Climate Analytics, and Climate Change Tracker.

Connect with your colleagues and constituents through The Climate App

The Climate App is meant to foster communities of individual actors. Use this description to help convince colleagues and constituents to get on board. 

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