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We make it easy for you to take the right actions to help avoid climate collapse.

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Share your progress in completing climate challenges and reducing your personal carbon footprint while being part of a conscious community battling the climate crisis together.

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Inspire a global movement of action with every challenge completed on the app.

Together, let's make change happen!

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Only 6 years left before the point of no return

Governments have failed us and life-support systems are breaking down.


One million species are threatened with extinction...

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But all of us have the power to stop this, and here's how:

We're launching an app that enables you, your friends and everybody else to make the correct climate actions - while making it easy & fun at the same time!

Whichever challenges you complete, other people see it and get inspired!

You’ll see your personal impact in data points, graphs and various other gamified indicators. Think Duolingo + Strava + Instagram but protecting the planet!

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And the best thing of all?
It's a movement of action
Each action inspires others.
Action is easy when you're not the only one doing it.
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We need hope, of course we do... but the one thing we need more than hope is action. Once we start to act, hope is everywhere. So instead of looking for hope, look for action. Then and only then, hope will come.
Greta Thunberg

Our Hope

The Climate App emerged from a simple need – how can you and I change our behaviour to have a positive impact on the environment, reduce our carbon footprint, help cause systemic change while preventing climate collapse?


We're all surrounded by doom headlines and it's easy to become hopeless about how much influence one person can have. But we each have the power to affect others - individually, at work, and our politicians.


So half of our mission is about bringing you bite-sized challenges of climate actions you can take. The other is about inspiring each other and creating a movement. Let's use positive peer pressure for the most important thing - showing us off saving the world!

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How much carbon can we emit to keep the climate in balance?


According to the IPCC, we can emit just under 500 billion tons more, but other estimates go as low as 300 billion tons. These numbers may seem high, but at 43 billion tons of annual emissions (2019) and climbing, it becomes a number that is not so far away.

Our leaders are failing to address the problem quick enough; temperatures are beginning the rise, people are being displaced, and the weather is becoming more severe. It's time we made our own future. If we work together, we can make a big difference and reduce our carbon footprints.

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Do I need to reduce my average carbon footprint?

As the IPCC reports indicate, if we are to avoid climate collapse, we each must take the responsibility to cut our carbon footprint down to sustainable amounts - particularly those in developed countries. Your energy, food, finance and travel all contribute towards greenhouse gases.

Our lifestyles progressively require;

  • more land,

  • more food,

  • more energy,

  • more water,

  • more fossil fuels

and create:

  • more waste,

  • more energy,

  • more carbon dioxide emissions

These greenhouse gas emissions (or our global carbon footprint) is creating a rapid climate change never seen in our Earth's history - we and all life on this planet cannot adapt quickly enough to survive if global temperatures continue to climb.


Scientists talk about a 'tipping point', a point of no return where we cannot stop or reverse the global warming effects. Some scientists argue we have already crossed it, many more argue it is coming in the next 6 years. Regardless of the uncertainties, at least 97% of all scientific papers on the matter agree that human activity is having the most significant impact on our climate and is the primary cause of climate change.

So, want to know how to reduce your carbon footprint?


There are hundreds of choices you can take to reduce your overall carbon footprint and also provide you with other health and money-saving benefits too! Win-win! You don't have to be perfect, every little act helps, but it can be fun, rewarding and satisfying to lead a more sustainable lifestyle and know you are contributing to saving the world.

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Vegan Diet


Or less meat, especially beef & lamb (one of the biggest contributors to carbon emissions and health issues!) Read this handy guide to making the swap.

Reduce your use of single-use plastic containers and water bottles.

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Reduce food & plastic waste


Compost, buy only what you need, use plastic-free packaging where possible.


Try growing your own food!

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Switch to green energy 

Run your home from solar/ wind/ tidal energy! Use electronic devices less, LED lights, install solar panels, trap heat with better quality insulation or double/ triple glazed windows.


Less energy = fewer carbon emissions and lower energy bills.

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Say no to fast fashion


Consume slowly and with intention, minimise your wardrobe to those items you love.


Less stuff = less stress!

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Reduce your digital footprint

Delete your read emails, reduce how much storage you use by cleaning out unused files - your devices will thank you.

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Avoid flying

There are plenty of alternatives - or when that isn't possible, plant trees or restore peat bogs as one of your carbon offsets.


But remember - we need to cut our carbon emissions out at source - not carbon offset it later!

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Use public transportation


Reduce emissions and help improve air quality by choosing an electric vehicle, or better yet, no car at all with public transport or an electric bike!

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