The Team

We are experts from around the world that have come together to help solve this issue. Experience comes from NASA, Airbus, Whatsapp, Sky, the NHS, Rapid-scale start-ups, and a zillion PHDs and degrees in psychology and science.

Samuel Naef


Sam has been an entrepreneur for the last ten years, most notably creating 8billionminds, a free live-learning platform. Sam taught sciences and maths while travelling the world, holds a physics degree and space studies masters, and has worked at NASA and Airbus. He has earned several entrepreneurial awards, including for a new propulsion system for spacecraft. His current focus is ensuring the success of The Climate App.


Arkadiy Matsekh


I hold a PhD in physics obtained from the Institute of Thermophysics, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences with a major in thermal physics and theoretical thermal engineering. I worked as a postdoc research fellow at Kyushu University, Japan studying applied superconductivity for energy applications and later moved to Australia to join a privately-funded project of a large superconducting homopolar generator. Currently I design and study electric propulsion systems. I am particularly interested in light electric vehicles in general and electric bicycles in particular, and I see them among the key components of sustainable transport. Also, I love cycling and ride push bikes a lot!


Tim Coombes

Development Lead

Tim has been a software engineer for thirty years. Working in a diverse range of industries such as Finance, Insurance, Publishing, News, Broadcast Media and Entertainment has given him a deep understanding of the application of technology. His most recent experience has been at Sky helping to architect and design leading edge solutions. He has followed the climate change ‘debate’ for almost as long as he has been writing software and hopes to help The Climate App become a huge success.


Paul Dixon


Paul is an award-winning freelance motion graphics designer and animator based in and around London. In a career spanning 20 years he has helped develop Brand idents, UI for pioneering Video-on-demand TV channels, TV ads and digital marketing. He is currently involved with designing the crowd-funding video for The Climate App. He feels that helping The Climate App to become a world-wide success will make a very significant contribution to changing our future for the better.


Jessalyn Li

UI & Visual Designer

Jessalyn is the UI/Visual Designer for The Climate App. Coming from a background in marketing and Environmental Science she understands the crisis of global climate change and the challenges of developing practical solutions. She thinks The Climate App is part of that solution, and is eager to see this movement make an even bigger impact. 


Kristin Murray


Kristin is an Android developer originally from the USA but currently based in London. She has over 5 years of experience building apps on a variety of mobile platforms. She is passionate about tackling the climate crisis and empowering individuals to make a change. 

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Xingjian Ye


Xingjian is a software engineer with many years of experience in building android apps. She has completed a CS bachelor degree at the University of Minnesota Duluth, and has worked on an IoT platform as an intern. She is helping to develop The Climate App.


Astrid Dyrli

Community Builder

Astrid is a Durham University graduate with a BA in History, Politics and Geography. Until recently she was living in Malawi, working as a Special Needs Education Assistant at an international school in Lilongwe. She currently lives in London, where she is an External Coordinator for her local XR group. She is helping to build The Climate App community.


Tiffani Lewsley

Community Builder

Tiffani has worked in live TV broadcasting for the last 17 years and teaches yoga in her spare time. Tiffani is an animal rights activist, keen environmentalist and fosters her strong interest in sustainability by growing her own food in her allotment. She joined Extinction Rebellion last summer after realising that the public have to take action now into our own hands to avert a climate catastrophe. Tiffani believes The Climate App will be a key way for everyone to do their bit and more for our planet going forward.


Nayomi Illansinhage Don

Community Builder

Nayomi is an enthusiastic researcher working on genetically modifying the main vector for malaria in Sub-Saharan Africa, the Anopheles gambiae mosquito. Passionate about global health and environmental and social justice issues, Nayomi has experience in outreach and fundraising for NGOs (such as Doctors Without Borders), volunteering in her local community, especially with Extinction Rebellion. She hopes to be part of the change that our planet so desperately needs, and she sees in The Climate App the opportunity to bring widespread positive change.


Matt Sawyer

Climate Scientist

Matt is a GP by day but also runs his own sustainability consultancy ( helping SMEs improve their triple bottom line - providing information and practical knowledge to overcome barriers to sustainability. His current work includes carbon footprinting and carbon literacy for primary care and providing bespoke, practical and workable solutions to reduce carbon to Net Zero. BSc (First) in Environmental Science, Msc (Distinction) in Corporate Sustainability and environmental Management.

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Millie Brill

Climate Scientist

Millie is a bubbly and passionate scientist who enjoys learning and creating new things. With a BSc in Physical geography, an MSc in Climate change and environmental policy, and a real thirst for knowledge, Millie loves using her scientific skills to inform others of how our world is changing, and what we can do to save it at a local and government level. When Millie isn’t working, you’ll probably find her growing plants, enjoying the great outdoors, or working on creative skills such as art and programming.

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John Rembowski

Community Lead

John is an environmental activist and occasional jazz singer currently completing the final year of his Politics and International Studies degree at the University of Warwick. With experience as a campaigner for NGOs, as an activist on the streets and global content editor for Extinction Rebellion, he is passionate about environmental and social justice issues and believes that the climate crisis represents not only an existential threat, but a massive opportunity to problematize and change the way we interact with each other and the world around us.


Vanessa Sangiorgio

UI/UX Designer

Vanessa is a friendly, creative and enthusiastic UI/UX Designer with a great eye to details and great ability to develop wireframes and task flows based on user needs. She loves collaborating in a team of designers and developers to create usable and accessible products. She has two rescue dogs from Italy and she has been a vegetarian for more than 5 years. Her main concern at the moment is the urgency to help to save our planet before it’s too late. 

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Zhonghao (Sergio) Lin


Sergio is currently studying a MSc of Computer Science in the UK. He has previously completed a dual degree in Computer Engineering, Video Game Design and Development in Spain and has worked at one VR game for PS4 as an intern. He is helping to develop The Climate App.


Tom Hoare


Tom is studying at the University of Sheffield for a Master's in computer programming, specialised in games. He has worked in various teaching positions, as well as on developing various non-commercial games for the university in group projects. He is assisting with the development of the Climate App.


Deise Sulzbach

Business Strategist

Deise is a nature-lover, a relationship builder, and she is helping The Climate App with business and finances. She has a Bachelor's in Biology with a focus on Environmental Education and is now pursuing a second Bachelor's in Business Administration, focusing on sustainable economics.

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Sophia Chan

Community Builder

Sophia has spent the last 6 years working in digital marketing and the advertising technology space in London. Alongside this she is passionate about choosing affordable sustainable and ethical lifestyle choices and inspiring others around her to do the same, as well as learning more about wildlife & ocean conservation. ​She is working on the website and content strategy for The Climate App.


Becky Wong

Community Builder

Becky is a Freelance Operations, Projects & Digital Content Manager with over ten years’ experience working across various sectors ranging from charities, FinTech start-ups, social enterprises, technology associations and professional coaches. She also has experience within events, marketing and PR. She is currently supporting digital content, social media and community building for The Climate App.

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Hayden Postle-Floyd

Clean Energy Specialist

Hayden’s career has been focused around clean energy technology, working on a wide variety of projects across the globe, from microgrids to grid-scale projects that include award-winning developments.  With an academic background in climate change analysis, including published work, Hayden sees no greater problem to solve than that of the impending climate crisis.