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Call to Action for Constituents

Use this description of The Climate App in your newsletters, emails, social media posts, or other communications to inspire your colleagues and constituents to join the movement of action with you!

The Climate App is an environmental-social app, making climate action easy, fun & social - leveraging positive peer pressure to create a movement of action to protect our planet from climate collapse.


Climate change can feel like an overwhelming issue. We only have a few years left to prevent a runaway heating of our planet. To solve this we need to drive change across our whole society — individuals, organisations and policy-makers.


However it’s often tricky to get started by yourself, know what to change, and keep motivated, which is why The Climate App was created - to make solving the crisis easy, fun and social. The app was created by a group of top scientists, activists and experts all around the world, passionate about creating a movement of action to protect our planet.


The Climate App brings together the best bits from Duolingo, Strava and Instagram; the go-to place for climate action. Utilising positive peer pressure, every action creates a ripple effect to create a mass movement of action! 


Join me on The Climate App and let’s make a difference together!

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