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The Climate App homepage
Press Release: The Climate App
New app making a movement of action to
save the planet from climate collapse.

In brief: 

  • The Climate App is an environmental-social app. It makes climate action easy, fun & social, leveraging positive peer pressure to create a movement of action to protect the planet from climate collapse.

  • Formed of over 30 climate enthusiasts, many of which are XR, their experience comes from NASA, Sky, Whatsapp, the NHS, Facebook, IBM, climate scientists, and rapid-scale startups, with many PHDs and degrees from science to psychology.

  • Their first crowdfunder (​​ raised £23k from 437 backers, which helped fund the development of the apps

  • Launching their second crowdfunding campaign with Seedrs ( raising £100k to fund the personnel to launch their completed iOS and Android apps. 

  • Ambassadors include - Max Litchfield; Olympic Swimmer, Fiona Oakes; Fastest woman to run the 7 continents and North Pole, Penny Walker; Sustainability Influencer and Pigcasso; Pig art for sustainability.

The Climate App coming soon


The Climate App emerged from a simple need – how can you and I change our behaviour to have a positive impact on the environment, reduce our carbon footprint, and help cause systemic change while preventing climate collapse? We each have the power to affect others - individually, at work, and our politicians.

  • The Climate App brings together the best bits from Duolingo, Strava and Instagram; the go-to place for climate action. 

  • Users complete gamified challenges, earn awards and achievements, see how their carbon footprint changes over time, challenge others, and inspire their network. 

  • Utilising positive peer pressure, every action creates a ripple effect to create a mass movement of action!

A team of highly experienced professionals passionate about averting the climate crisis has launched a crowdfunding campaign to build a revolutionary carbon-reducing app - which will become the go-to tool for a movement of carbon-cutters. Built upon core foundations of psychological principles, scientific data, and a passionate group of environmentalists, the team aims for a huge shift in society - so that people start taking climate action on a mass scale - after all, we only have 6 years left before devastating irreversible damage to our climate[1]. 


The dissatisfaction with the decisions made at high-level meetings like COP26 is growing and The Climate App provides a way for individuals to take their own action, where governments have failed us. There is a large and growing market for consumer activism on climate change, coinciding with an increase in green consumers[2]. The green economy is predicted to grow from $8.3bn in 2019 to $57.8bn by 2030. People firmly believe that lifestyle changes to combat climate change will improve their quality of life, not worsen it, whether that is climate-friendly packaging, travel, food or energy solutions. Now, with The Climate App, it’s easier than ever for anybody to help contribute positively to the environment and reduce their carbon footprint.


The app will make change easy and fun, enabling challenges to be completed, calculating one's carbon footprint, combined with a positive and fun community to support and energise each other. But the real power comes from enabling actions and progress updates to inspire others, causing a multiplier effect, and a positive virtuous circle.


Project founder Samuel Naef, who has previously created 8Billionminds (a free global live-learning platform) and is a NASA Research Scholar with several entrepreneurial awards, said,  


"We know that people are starting to promote and speak about climate change, but we know that it is sometimes also difficult and lonely to change your own behaviour. It is much easier to do when you feel everyone else around you are doing it too, and how it all contributes to a larger end goal."


He added, “We have been waiting decades for our leaders to solve this issue, but their progress has been too slow, and now we need a movement of people taking action, instead of words - to affect every level of society - to help instigate ambitious change, particularly for CEOs, politicians, policy-makers, investors, and influencers in all sectors. Everyone's actions influence others."


1. Our team of volunteers: Experience comes from NASA, Sky, Whatsapp, Facebook, IBM, NHS, rapid-scale start-ups, climate scientists and includes many PhDs and degrees from psychology to science.

2. Successful Indiegogo crowdfunding raising £23k from 430 backers:

3. Press mentions:

4. Growth of movement to thousands of community members across mailing lists and social media.

5. Several networks and partnerships have grown including the ESGmark certification, Greentech Alliance, and famous ambassadors such as Guinness World Record holder Fiona Oakes.

6. First B2B client confirmed (paying £1k/month).

7. iOS and Android apps developed and ready to launch

Crowdfunding campaign link:



[2]Source: Futerra Sustainable Lifestyle Survey)

Crowdfunding Videos
Crowdfunding Campaign, Q4 2020

In 2020, we launched a successful campaign on Indiegogo and secured funding for the Beta app development!

Equity Crowdfunder, Q1 2022

This year, we completed another successful campaign. Check it out on Seedrs here!

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