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Help your organisation and employees to fight climate change in a fun and easy way

Why join the movement?

The Climate App is focussed on creating a global movement of action for individuals, organisations and policy makers. 

Bring your organisation into the movement, and start having a powerful effect on the world - both due to the actions of your company, as well as the actions of all your employees. 

The Climate App will help your organisation to become more sustainable in it’s operations, help your employees cut their emissions, promote your companies efforts, as well as becoming influential for further systemic change. Read below to find out more!


Making climate action 
easy, fun & social


1. Connect your organisation

This displays your organisation onto The Climate App, linking all your employees efforts, aggregating their efforts and data that you can publish.


2. Present your Company

Your shop window to all users on The Climate App. Highlight your sustainability policy, your climate goals, while the app aggregates all the positive efforts from your employees, it’s department leagues and much more! 


3. Unlock all challenges

We have created over 40 challenges for organisations in which managers and employees can complete - improving your organisations and employees carbon footprint and climate actions.


4. Create sub-teams

Within your organisation you can create sub-teams or departments, which can battle it out to see who can become the most sustainable


5. Who will win the league?

See which of your departments are making the most efforts towards saving the world on the league! 

The Climate App will improve motivation and enjoyment towards helping solve humanity’s greatest threat


6. Increased exposure

Having a place on the app for your organisation allows others to see who you are, and what you are doing, improving your companies image, and eventual success.

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7. Promotional material

We can create social media content that you can send out, while we can also promote and share the good work that you’re doing on our own channels. We are a highly active and dedicated team focused on enhancing our social media presence, and boasting thousands of followers and interactions.

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And there's more

We can also:

  • Create dedicated challenges for your organisation*

  • Promote your products or services or TCA*

  • Send you a monthly report with further back-end statistics and data 

  • Plant trees for you each month

  • Run inspirational talks and workshops


*Assuming it passes our green sustainability assessment

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  • Instagram
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