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We've partnered with a number of environmentally-minded organisations, that are either amazing in their own right, or will feature in the app to help users reduce their carbon. If you'd like to become a partner, head to this page.

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. ESGmark® helps simplify these complex and important issues. Belonging to the ESGmark® community shows that you care about making a positive change to the planet and society.

Through ESG's accreditation process, they award the ESGmark® to organizations, irrespective of size, which proves they are committed to making a positive difference to the environment, their clients, employees and communities.


Taking impactful climate action with Switch It is easy. The tool shows you if your bank funds fossil fuels - and if it does, which green alternatives to switch to. We support you through the switching process so you can maximise your impact, by lobbying or sharing the action with your networks. We’re mobilising a mass movement of switchers to use consumer demand to force planet-harming institutions into policy change.


CYCL is an app that connects you to local eco-friendly restaurants and businesses. Over 100 million single-use utensils are used a year and we're aiming to help reduce the amount of waste produced by the restaurant industry. Whether you are just beginning your eco-conscious journey or are a self-titled sustainable guru, every cycle starts somewhere. CYCL aims to be an intuitive and seamless resource to make being eco-conscious less inconvenient. CYCL guides you to the businesses that are doing good for you and for our planet, pointing you towards local food choices with tips and tricks to help along the way. We are the community that supports you in becoming greener no matter where you are in the CYCL. Find them on Instagram @cycl_theapp.


Hazaar is a zero waste marketplace for students to buy & sell their second hand things. Students buy on the app, then meet up in person & hand over the item! By cutting out postage they eliminate wasteful packaging & travel miles! They are currently in the development stage but hope to have a finished app in early 2021. They already have hubs across the main student cities in the UK, from Birmingham to London, Glasgow to Cardiff and many more. Find them on Instagram @justhazaar.


8Billionminds, founder, Sam Naef's other brainchild, is a live-learning platform allowing people from all over the world to share their expertise on a subject so that others may learn for free. Whether you want to practice a new language with a native speaker in a real-time virtual classroom, or take an introductory course to Biology, 8BM has got you covered. To find out when it launches, sign up here.


Kwattswap, a renewable energy charity, allows you to donate money from your 'dirty' energy to help provide clean, safe energy sources for families in Africa. They also give handy advice about how to reduce your environmental impact (and financial cost) through energy savings. Check out their website and make a recurring or one-off donation here.


Sussex Innovation Centre specialise in getting business and entrepreneurial ideas off the ground, and that's exactly what they helped us do with The Climate App. With just two weeks left and £10,000 yet to raise on our crowdfunding campaign, they partnered with us to help target big investment, eventually helping us achieve our goal and make our app a reality. You can read more about their work with us here.


She's Epic is a platform dedicated to empowering women and girls to take a stand against climate change. They want to clear up the confusion when it comes to climate facts and stats, so their platform will share only the raw, important info on climate change and how to fight it. Check out their website here.


Ancient + Brave creates wellness products inspired by ancient methods and vegan ingredients, Ancient + Brave is a company committed to sustainability. Their generous donations to our crowdfunding campaign helped us make The Climate App a reality, and for that we are so grateful. You can view their products here.


Greenlight is a browser extension that grades and recommends alternative sustainable brands while you online shop. The extension can be downloaded with one click from the Google Chrome store. Users can go to over 2,500 major fashion brands online, and with a click view a breakdown of how the company treats employees, the planet, and animals. Below the brand rating is an array of sustainable brand recommendations where users can discover new, ethical brands comparable to their favorites. Let Greenlight guide you to shop sustainably and make a difference in creating a sustainable world. Download Greenlight for free here


Oak Tree Sustainable Living Centre is a place for people to build knowledge, skills and contacts for self-sufficiency, sustainable living and community resilience in the face of the climate and ecological emergencies we all now face. We run practical projects and provide tools and resources on how we can all contribute to moving towards a zero carbon future.

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9trees was formed in 2018 by Michael Cunningham: an experienced habitat and business manager. Its vision is to tackle climate change by restoring new woodland habitats, promote biodiversity, create jobs within the countryside sector and connect more people to nature.

9trees is a Community Interest Company, ploughing any profits back into good schemes, training and education.


The Greentech Alliance brings together green technology businesses, that fight climate change with their products and services in the most responsible and respectful to our planet manner, to support them with advice about funding, impact, visibility and strategy with the help of top VCs, journalists, advisors and entrepreneurs. 


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