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Here at The Climate App we are committed to creating a movement action. Through meaningful collaboration with like-minded partners, like Ecosia, we can augment our impact.

The Climate App and Ecosia both focus on individual changes that, when added together with other actors, make a significant impact. Through community building, education, and accessibility, Ecosia and The Climate App both promote climate action. Because of this, our organisations could be fantastic partners in this fight against climate collapse.

What can Ecosia gain from partnering with The Climate App?


Exposure to new customers

  • Our community will be particularly interested in swapping to Ecosia due to our recommendations

    • We can create a dedicated 'Switch to Ecosia' challenge as in the following image! 


Specific Ecosia and The Climate App collaboration

  • Ecosia customers can be part of the Ecosia network within the app - following and sharing their actions with other Ecosia members

  • Collaboratively create a competition/challenge specifically for Ecosia customers

  • Cross educate our communities with bite-sized climate information, challenges and actions

  • Promotion and inclusion on TCA website

  • Opportunity to participate in webinars and The Climate App sponsored events




  • Ecosia already has great transparency about their own sustainability planning, social impact, and environmental impact

  • The Climate App can add another layer by helping to track even more aspects of the company’s footprint through the actions of employees or partners, leading to a more well-rounded understanding of the company's impact

  • Opportunity to highlight the greenwashing in the space and thus bringing more corporate socially responsible awareness to Ecosia

WhatsApp Image 2022-12-02 at 16.55.47.jpeg

What would The Climate App gain from partnering with Ecosia

  • The opportunity to collaborate with and learn from an organisation that is already making a significant impact on the climate crisis​​
    • Ecosia does so much right, as an emerging resource in the climate action space, partnering with you is an incredible opportunity​

  • Cross promotion of us as a partner
    • By cross-promoting our significant news, we can help create a nationwide movement of action together.

    • We can make Ecosia customers feel proud on The Climate App and help inspire others to take more climate action.

  • The support of Ecosia would be integral as we approach our hard launch

  • A potential monthly fee for collaborative efforts or referral fee when helping users switch to Ecosia as a primary sponsor

We are incredibly excited about the potential partnership between our organisations.
Please let us know when we can meet, or book a time at your convenience via our calendly:

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