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The Climate App + Monetalis

Carbon Cutting Competition

Monetalis and The Climate App are running a six-month competition for the clients of Monetalis, to see who can cut their carbon, and influence others the most! 
At the end, the winner will be announced and will receive TBA!

Climate change is the most significant crisis that humanity has ever faced - we have just 6 years left to prevent a runaway heating effect. We all need to cut our carbon footprints, while helping change take place at work and at governmental level to cause systemic change​.

The Climate App is the tool for a global movement of climate action, designed to make cutting carbon easy, fun and social. 

The Climate App allows users to:
  • Track their own carbon footprints over time through data compiled and verified by environmental scientists; 

  • Be educated in bite-sized chunks;

  • Complete challenges, win achievements, and complete goals;

  • Be part of a positive climate-action community; 

  • Share your own climate actions;

  • Cut carbon emissions out at source (as well as carbon offset);

Competition Instructions

Step 1: Download the app
Step 2: Select the Monetalis competition and your organisation in the registration

Step 3: Sign into the app at least once a week for a period of six months
The winning organisation will be chosen based on: 
  1. the number of challenges completed 

  2. percentage of CO2e reduced 

  3. engagement of the app (the number of likes and followers)

The Climate App's decision is final

If you have any questions about the competition, please email or ask us through the app. 

Please note: The Climate App is still in Beta, which means that all participants of the Monetalis competition are pioneers in helping to improve the product, so your feedback is invaluable. Thank you in advance for helping to create the change that is needed and save our planet!

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