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The Seaweed Company
The Climate App

The Climate App and The Seaweed Company both have a shared goal of promoting sustainability and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Climate App makes climate action easy, fun & social for individuals, and helps point them to the right products & services needed for a sustainable future. The Seaweed Company provides a sustainable food source that has the potential to help mitigate climate change. Together, we can shift consumer habits and create a climate movement of action.

What can The Seaweed Company gain from partnering with The Climate App?

  1. Exposure + new customers from within The Climate App - we can recommend The Seaweed Company within the ‘Reduce Meat’ and ‘Vegan’ challenges, or even create a dedicated challenge just for you. This would be in combination with providing information to all our users about the benefits of using seaweed  affects the environment negatively.

  2. Enable the ‘employee’ feature on The Climate App to track The Seaweed Company' employees' climate actions. This unlocks challenges specific to organisations to your employees, and enables The Seaweed Company to view aggregated actions and carbon emissions. This can be visible internally to just the management of The Seaweed Company, their employees, or to the public if they so wish. Additional custom requests can be made such as having competitions between internal The Seaweed Company teams to see which can cut the most emissions, display sub-team leaderboards etc.

  3. Association and partnership with a truly green, ethical and pro-active organisation such as The Climate App will help cement The Seaweed Company as also being a driving force towards a positive, greener and healthier future.

  4. Opportunities for The Seaweed Company to participate in The Climate App's webinars, launches and other events. We can cross-promote key events and highlight greenwashing in your industry.

  5. Promotions and inclusion on The Climate App's website, blogs and social media channels

What could The Climate App gain from partnering with The Seaweed Company?

  1. An increase in our reach - to help a global movement to happen, we need help to reach many parts of the world. The Seaweed Company' reach to countries around the world extends far beyond what we can currently do, via its internal staff, products or global communications.

  2. ​Provide integrity to our mission - a partnership with The Seaweed Company will enable us to build other important strategic partners in order to ignite a global movement.

  3. Funding of The Climate Apps development - we are currently restricted to relying on mostly volunteers. If The Seaweed Company provided time for our developers, or funding, it would dramatically speed up creating this movement of action.

  4. A referral fee - for users who buy The Seaweed Company's products could help support The Climate App's further development and mission.

We are incredibly excited about the potential partnership between our organisations. We look forward to discussing ideas!
Please email or book a call with us at your convenience.
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